Heavy Downpour

Rainwater harvesting, or rainwater collection, is a streamlined process, with one of the key components being the gutter guard. Since the earliest versions of rainwater harvesting in 2,000 B.C., myriads of people around the world have used this efficient process to supply their houses, farms, family, and businesses with water to use during dry seasons and to decrease the dependency on metropolitan systems.

Rain Water Harvest

There are many different varieties of the system, all fitting into two main categories; dry systems and wet systems. First, the simplest and most common: dry systems. Being completely nonpressurized, these systems collect water in rain gutters and run through pipes directly into a tank. This design is more popular because it’s a more affordable and less complex system, so it’s easier to maintain than other pressurized systems. Another option for rainwater harvesting is wet systems. Wet systems are pressurized, with the tank being further away from the house. These systems are used when pipes cannot run directly from the gutter to the tank. Wet systems offer rainwater harvesting opportunities where the tank cannot fit directly by the house.

Gutter guards are an essential addition to both wet and dry systems. Acting as the first line of filtration for the collection system, the right gutter guard keeps debris out of your setup while still letting the water flow through like it’s not even there.

Water Running Through Downspout

Rebel Gutter Guards are an excellent option for this. Rebel Gutter Guards offers a precisely engineered screen guaranteed to protect your system day and night with a patented micro-mesh design. The tightly weaved micro-mesh, along with the s-curve design, delivers maximum efficiency and protection from debris from leaves and pine needles down to dirt and sand.

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